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Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy for Tourism EXPO Japan

Japan Travel and Tourism Association, Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) and Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) (hereinafter referred to as “the Exhibition Organizers”) shall acquire and use personal information according to the limits necessary for the smooth and safe operation of Tourism EXPO Japan and related event operations. The Exhibition Organizers recognize that strictly protecting the personal information entrusted to them in the course of performing those operations is their social responsibility. Recognizing this, the Exhibition Organizers shall strictly comply with laws and regulations, etc. relating to personal information. The Exhibition Organizers shall strive to protect personal information according to the privacy policy outlined below.

1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal information shall refer to information related to living individuals that applies to one of the following.

  1. Information that can identify specific individuals according to the names, dates of birth or other descriptions, etc. contained in the said information (This shall include information that can be easily compared with other information to identify specific individuals)
  2. Information that contains a personal identification code

2. Acquisition of Personal Information

The Exhibition Organizers shall acquire personal information by appropriate and fair means within the extent necessary for the purposes of use indicated in the next article.

3. Purposes of Using Personal Information

  1. The Exhibition Organizers shall use the personal information they acquire to the extent necessary to achieve the following objectives:
    1. To provide information and conduct surveys for participating in and preparing for the exhibitions, conferences, business meetings and other programs planned and implemented at Tourism EXPO Japan;
    2. To contact exhibitors and customers participating in Tourism EXPO Japan;
    3. To provide the various services implemented at Tourism EXPO Japan;
    4. To provide information about the business meetings, seminars, and other events related to tourism;
    5. To provide other information regarding tourism.
  2. The Exhibition Organizers shall use the personal information they already possess only for the same purpose of use. When collecting personal information described in documents etc., the Exhibition Organizers shall specify the purpose of use of that each time.

4. Appropriate Management of Personal Information

  1. The Exhibition Organizers shall appoint a Personal Information Manager and shall clarify the roles of that position. The Personal Information Manager shall prepare an environment in which it is possible to conduct activities relating to personal information protection appropriately. It shall be possible to contact the Personal Information Manager via the inquiries counter given below.
  2. The Exhibition Organizers shall always keep the personal information that they acquire in an accurate and up-to-date state. The Exhibition Organizers shall take reasonable safety measures, inject management resources that match the actual situation of business and continually improve the personal information security structure to prevent unauthorized access of the personal information database etc., and the loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal data. Moreover, the Exhibition Organizers shall promptly take corrective action if a leak or other incident occurs.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Exhibition Organizers shall not provide personal information to third parties without acquiring the consent of the customer in advance. However, this shall not apply in the cases listed below.

  1. When required by laws/ordinances
  2. When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer
  3. When it is especially necessary to improve public health or to promote the sound development of children, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer
  4. When it is necessary to cooperate in the performance of work stipulated in laws/ordinances by a national institution, local public organization or another body entrusted by such, and when there is a risk of hindering the performance of that work by obtaining the consent of the customer

6. Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing

The Exhibition Organizers may outsource some of the operations related to the processing of personal information to provide even better services to customers. In this case, the Exhibition Organizers shall select outsourcers recognized as being those that appropriately handle personal information. The Exhibition Organizers shall then determine the matters necessary for the appropriate management and maintenance of confidentiality, etc. of personal information with the said outsourcers and then ensure the said outsourcers conduct appropriate management of personal information that is equal or greater than that of the Exhibition Organizers in a contract, etc.

7. Disclosure and Correction, etc. of Personal Information

In the event a request has been received from a customer or his/her representative for the disclosure, revision, suspension of use, deletion or suspension of provision to third parties of the personal information possessed by the Exhibition Organizers, they shall comply with that request within a reasonable extent. However, this shall not apply in the event there is a risk that doing so will impair the life, body, property or other interests of the customer or a third party, in the event that doing so will considerably interfere with the performance of operations by the Exhibition Organizers, or in the event that doing so will violate other laws/ordinances. In the event it is not possible to comply with part or all of the said request, the Exhibition Organizers shall explain the reasons for that.

8. Other Precautions

  1. The handling of personal information and the information and services provided in the event transferring to a site operated by a third party from a link or a banner, etc. on this site is operated by rules independent from the Exhibition Organizers. Therefore, the Exhibition Organizers shall accept no responsibility for that.
  2. The Exhibition Organizers shall strive to post information as accurate as possible in regards to the contents and information on this site. However, the contents and information may be incorrect or out-of-date. The Exhibition Organizers shall accept no responsibility for damages etc. suffered by customers from the contents posted on this site.
  3. This site shall use cookies when using the Google Analytics access analysis tool from Google to collect traffic data for the purpose of obtaining statistics to improve the access situation and usefulness of this site. This traffic data shall be collected anonymously and shall not identify individuals.

9. Compliance with Laws/Ordinances etc.

The Exhibition Organizers shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws/ordinances and regulations. In addition, the Exhibition Organizers shall ensure this policy complies with laws/ordinances and regulations and then handle personal information in line with the stipulated matters.

10. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Exhibition Organizers shall strive to improve this policy and may change it as appropriate with notice in advance. The Exhibition Organizers shall publish the latest version of the privacy policy on this page.

Revised: April 1, 2022
Revised: July 1, 2018
Revised: June 1, 2017
Revised: March 21, 2014
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