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Tourism EXPO Japan 2023 OSAKA/KANSAI

A sake brewing zone that boasts the largest production of sake in Japan, consist...read more

Awaji Island in Hyogo Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture is the 11th biggest isla...read more

Awaji Island is located in the Seto Inland Sea and has a long rich history. "Rec...read more

Located in the southwestern part of Hyogo Prefecture, the name "Himeji" began to...read more

Kato City, located in the central part of Hyogo Prefecture, is a city where you ...read more

Osaka used to be supported by water transportation and developed as a central ci...read more

Hannan City is located in the south of Osaka Prefecture, about 45 km away from t...read more

Izumisano is a modern, vibrant city in the southern part of Osaka Prefecture wit...read more

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