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Daisen-Oki National Park / Setonaikai National Park / Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park

Daisen-Oki National Park
This park boasts diverse sceneries, comprising a mountainous area stretching from Mt.Daisen, the highest peak of the Chugoku region, to Hiruzen Highland, Mt.Mitoku, Mt.Sambe, the coastal portion of the Shimane Peninsula, and the Oki Islands.
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The Daisen-Oki National Park is a place where people live in beautiful natural scenery, with a culture and history of myths and mountain beliefs.
The mountains, the islands, and the sea offer a wide variety of outdoor activities and cultural experiences throughout the four seasons.
We can propose sample itineraries according to topics of your interest.
Tour of the mythical world of Izumo Grand Shrine, Miho Shrine, Mount Daisen, and Mount Sanbe, the stage of the Kunibiki Shinwa("land-pulling myth").
Experience the grand scale of the UNESCO Grobal Geopark while touring the Oki Islands by sea kayak or e-bike.
Spend an elegant day glamping and enjoy a breakfast while watching the sunrise at the top of a mountain.
Cycling and forest therapy on idyllic grassland while enjoying local gourmet foods, history, and culture.
Stargazing and starry sky photography at the undiscovered and spectacular spots in Tottori, accompanied by a guide.
We will propose plans to meet various targets and objectives, such as

Setonaikai National Park
The World Heritage Site of Itsukushima Shrine, Mt. Rokko, Awaji Island, Shodoshima, and Okunojima, all of which are close to Kansai, are already famous tourist destinations, are actually designated as national parks. The major difference and feature of national parks compared to those overseas is that "national parks exist in people's daily lives" because of the blending of people's living areas with traditional nature, history, and culture.
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The Seto Inland Sea National Park is easily accessible by major transportation systems, and island hopping by ferry, yacht, or bicycle can be incorporated into your itinerary.
The view of the archipelago from a boat or from an observatory (we recommend changing the season and time of day).
We can propose and consult with you on a model course according to your theme.
We can propose sample itineraries according to topics of your interest.
I would like to interact with people through guided tours and activities led by local people.
A trip to the islands of the Seto Inland Sea to learn about the history and nature of the islands, and to reflect on oneself while learning.
Through hands-on experiences, not only children but also adults can learn about the "various Seto Inland Seas".
We will propose a plan to meet your various targets and objectives.

Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park
Located in the southwestern part of Shikoku, from western Kochi to Nanyo in Ehime Prefecture, it is very inaccessible. It takes 3 hours from Kochi Airport to Cape Ashizuri! From Matsuyama Airport to Uwajima is 2.5 hours! It is a long way, but if you go, you will be glad you came.
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The fish fauna of Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park is one of the most diverse in Japan, with approximately 1,400 species reported. Among them, many important fisheries species are included.
Diving, snorkeling, glass boats, and other marine activities are available.
The Ashizuri area facing the Pacific Ocean and the Uwakai area facing the Bungo Channel have different lifestyles and cultures based on the nature nurtured by their respective seas and topographies.
For example, both areas are influenced by the Kuroshio Current, but the Ashizuri area is known for its "catch" fishing industry, while the Uwakai area is known for its "nurture" aquaculture industry.
We can propose sample itineraries according to topics of your interest.
Since it takes time to get around, a longer stay is recommended, such as 3 nights and 4 days at least.
Suggest nature experience activities such as snorkeling, diving, glass boating, canyoning, etc.
In the Ryukushi area, educational plans related to the Geopark and SDGs can also be proposed.
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