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Kinokawa Fruits Tourism Bureau

Kinokawa city, Wakayama Prefecture, produces a variety of fruits throughout the year, such as strawberry, peach, fig, persimmon, kiwi, and hassaku orange. In particular, many tourists come to enjoy the famous "Arakawa Peach" during the summer season.

We, Kinokawa Fruits Tourism Bureau is located right in front of Kishi Station, which the world-famous Cat Stationmaster works. Within Kinokawa city, there is "Mekkemon Square", one of the largest produce markets in the Kansai region, and "Roadside Station: Seishu no Sato," a facility honoring Hanaoka Seishu, the first surgeon in the world to successfully remove breast cancer under general anesthesia. We also have paragliding facility, peach jam making experience using Arakawa peaches, etc. Please feel free to contact us.
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