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Kozagawa Town Tourism Association

The Kozagawa River, one of the clearest rivers in the Kansai region, is located at the southern tip of Wakayama Prefecture.
The Kozagawa River, also known as the Crystal River, boasts outstanding transparency, and is home to some of the clearest ayu fish in Japan, canoes that allow visitors to enjoy the gentle current to its fullest, numerous natural treasures designated by the national and prefectural governments due to its unique geological formations, and high-quality gibier (gibier) meat designated by the government as an area for promoting gibier. You can enjoy high quality gibier and other meats.
There are no traffic lights, convenience stores, or train stations in the town, which makes for a completely different lifestyle. In summer, visitors can enjoy the clear waters of the river, camping in the concentrated nature, and the fantastic waterfalls that can be enjoyed year-round.
It should be noted that the location is only about a 3-hour drive from Osaka or 2.5 hours from Tokyo by plane, allowing visitors to enjoy an environment that is the complete opposite of the city. The distance is just right, neither too close nor too far, and it frees you from the stresses of the city.
In recent years, the area has also become a venue for international bicycle road races, attracting the enthusiastic attention of cyclists and bicycle enthusiasts.
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