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Minabe Town

Minabe Town is the number one producer of UME in Japan. UME is a Japanese plum. The famous "Nanko UME" was born in this town. Minabe Town is in a warm climate located in the middle part of Wakayama prefecture and facing the Pacific Ocean where the Kuroshio Current flows. UME system was registered in the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems in December 2015.In addition to UME, "Kishu Binchotan Charcoal" is in production using the wealth of the mountain, and more than 800 kinds of fishes and shellfishes are caught per year from the ocean. You can see and feel the GIAHS of Minabe Town, and experience UME, Binchotan Charcoal, and the ocean by yourself in Minabe Town. Such as the coastline reserved for the national park of Yoshino Kumano, scenic UME orchard and Kashima Island, and Senrinohama Beach, which is the number one site of sea turtle's egg laying in Honshu and the only beach section of "Kumano Kodo Kiiji Route".There are some hot springs with beautiful scenery of the ocean and the mountains. You can use the hot spring only, or stay some nights. You can enjoy a different Minabe Town seasonally; watching beautiful flowers of UME in early spring, diving and fishing in summer, enjoying traditional festivals in October.
Minabe Town waits for you, full of attractions!
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