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Wakayama City

Wakayama is in the farthest south part of Kansai area, where falls in a temperate region surrounded by beautiful mountains and seas.
Wakayama city is placed as an entrance of Wakayama, access from Osaka 1 hour by limited express, from Kansai international airport 40 mins by limousine bus.

Wakayama city has the long history recorded in the oldest chronicles of Japan ( Nihonshoki ) and in Japan's oldest history book ( Kojiki ), the scenic beauty and ruins carry poetic sentiment of famous 8th century poetry book (Manyoshu). You can enjoy a visit to castle town area where one of "Tokugawa's big three" flourished, based at Wakayama castle which is restricted 60th anniversary this year.

"Wakanoura":Treasure House if Scenic Beauty where has been approved as Japan Heritage in 2017, sacred place of Japanese poetry. The scenery consists 1300 years of history and culture attract to numerous of peoples.

Fishing port town "Kada" has Awashima Jinja Shrine is famous for its annual ritual in which dolls are set out to sea in the boats, and Tomogashima Islans are known for its distinctive brick weapon batteries that have fallen into disuse and been reclaimed by nature ,is similar to the scenes of famous animation. This is also a good place to hike and camping.

The best known noodle dish is Wakayama Ramen. This soupy delight gets its signature taste from a rich, pork broth with soy sauce flavored.

Wakayama Marina City is a manmade resort island that faces the beautiful Wakaura Bay.
Experience an extravagant atmosphere at Porto Europa, an amusement park based on medieval European townscapes. There have also hotels where is very popular as the views of the blue sea and yacht harbor from the balcony, and Kishu Kuroshio Onsen where can enjoy natural hot spring bath. Visit the Kuroshio Ichiba Market, where you can enjoy the dynamic tuna cutting show 3 times a day every day and here is also home to many fresh seafood restaurants and souvenir shops with a wide selection of local products.

Discover Wakayama city where can feel Japanese history, beautiful nature, special local food.
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