Tourism EXPO Japan 2022

Kanagawa Oinosato Experience Tourism Association(Sowa Moriage Council)

Located 90 minutes from central Tokyo, Oimachi offers a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji. To revitalize the region, we will implement nature experience and environmental programs that convey the value of nature and lifestyle culture, and the connection between people and nature, and utilize local resources. To contribute to the improvement of environmental awareness and the sound development of young people by providing foodstuffs, etc., that have been prepared by the local community, and to contribute to community development by supporting the exchange of individuals and groups involved in hands-on activities and cultivating human resources. We are doing "experience tourism" business for the purpose.
Aiming for the realization of a sustainable society, we offer "agricultural experience (cherry blossom picking, mandarin orange picking)" and "food/processing experience (seasonal ice making, bamboo tube rice cooking)" for the purpose of maintaining and circulating local resources. "Satoyama experience (bamboo grove maintenance, primitive fire)", "nature experience (hiking)", "creative experience (making clay figurines, making bamboo charcoal soap)", "town walking experience (brewery tour, weekly rally)" and private houses. We are working on experience tourism business through "experience minpaku" staying at.
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