Tourism EXPO Japan 2022


Okinawa Prefecture is a place where many cultures, technologies, and people have interacted for a long time.
Many customers who want to feel the beautiful natural scenery, unique traditional culture and history first-hand have used it.
And so, For four consecutive years (2016-2019), the number of cruise ship calls in the prefecture has been the No.1 in Japan.
Starting with Naha Port, each port in the prefecture has evolved while expanding its function as a gateway to Asia.
The cruise team uses an airplane to enjoy a cruise even on a short itinerary "Fly & Cruise"
New cruises unique to Okinawa such as "Island Hopping" to small remote islands that were difficult to move.
We will introduce many sightseeing spots near each port that everyone who visits the prefecture can enjoy.
We are also disseminating information about our efforts and acceptance of the covid misfortune, so please feel free to drop by
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