Tourism EXPO Japan 2022

Niikawa Tourism Development Council 3

The Niikawa area is a wide-area stay-and-go tourism area consisting of three cities and two towns in the eastern region of Toyama Prefecture: Namerikawa City, Uozu City, Kurobe City, Nyuzen Town, and Asahi Town.

Major Tourist Attractions
Namerikawa City...Firefly Squid Marine Sightseeing, Firefly Squid Museum, Toyama Bay Cruise
Uozu City...Mirage, Tatamon Festival, Kintaro Hot Springs
Kurobe City...Kurobe Gorge Trolley Car, Unazuki Hot Springs
Nyuzen Town...Nyuzen Flower Road, Nyuzen deep sea water oysters
Asahi Town...Asahi Funakawa "Spring Quartet", Cod Soup, Ogawa Hot Spring
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