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NANAO & NAKANOTO DMO (Nanao City, Ishikawa-ken/Wakura Onsen)

Nanao City is located in the center of the Noto Peninsula in northern Ishikawa Prefecture. The Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa Prefecture, which includes Nanao City, was designated as a World Agricultural Heritage site in 2011 as "Noto Satoyama Satoumi". Nanao Bay is so rich that it is called a "natural aquarium", and it is also the northernmost habitat for wild dolphins in Japan. In addition to dolphin watching on a fishing boat, kayaking and SUP are popular marine activities. Visitors can enjoy Noto-mae sushi made with seasonal seafood grown in this rich Nanao Bay and rice grown in Noto's Satoyama.

Wakura Onsen, the gateway to Nanao, is known as Hokuriku's only "hot spring on the sea". In this hot spring resort area, there are many tourist spots such as "Wakura Onsen Festival Hall", where you can experience four representative festivals of Nanao City, "Seirinji Temple", which attracts attention as an instagrammable spot, and "Yuttari Park", where you can enjoy a free footbath and a view of Nanao Bay.

The "Bridal Curtain Museum," which introduces the traditional wedding custom of "bridal curtain", is located in the heart of Nanao. This bridal curtain was recognized as a nationally registered tangible cultural property in January 2022 as "Nanao no Yome-noren (bride curtain of Nanao)". The ruins of Nanao Castle, one of the five great mountain castles in Japan, are open for visitors to climb while listening to the guidance of volunteer guides.

We look forward to welcoming you to Nanao, a city of rich nature, history, and culture.
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