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Kobo Co., Ltd

We manage the Japan's largest highway bus booking website " Hassha Alright Net" which covers 70% of the reservable highway bus routes in Japan. We help you to travel safe and sound by highway bus using our bus booking website" Hassha Alright Net" in order for you to enjoy your journey.
In addition to that, we manage the multi-lingual highway bus booking website called " Japan Bus Online" which is available in English, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
Our bus booking site enables you to book tickets of highway bus and sightseeing bus easily with ease even if you do not understand Japanese!

Recently, we have started a new subscription camp service, "Cample Days" which now have 11 associated campsites to stay at mainly in the Kansai region. If you become a member of this site, Cample Days, you will be able to use any of the preferred campsites for a fixed fee!
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