Tourism EXPO Japan 2022

Ina-ji & Kiso-ji Joint Tourism Council

The Ina-ji & Kiso-ji Joint Tourism Council invites you to discover the south of Nagano prefecture. We represent three culturally and naturally distinct regions in the mountainous heart of Japan, and offer tourism related information and experiences that will help you explore the vast nature, fascinating culture, and rich history of Southern Nagano. For more information, please visit the websites of our three regional DMOs.

Nagano Ina Valley Tourism Bureau (for the northern Ina Valley around Ina and Komagane)
Minami Shinshu Tourism Bureau (for the southern Ina Valley around Iida and the Tenryukyo Gorge)
Kiso Tourist Federation (for the Kiso Valley around Nagiso and Kiso Fukushima)
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Main BusinessTourism-related organization (tourism association/federation)



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