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Surrounded by magnificent scenic views and the striking Japanese Alps, Hida Takayama is a city which lives and breathes within its history and traditions, from the Old Town district where vestiges of the Edo Period remain to the Spring and Autumn Takayama Festival, which is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. At the Jinya-mae Morning Market and Miyagawa Morning Market, discover an array of goods exclusively made in the Hida region, such as traditional craft items, local foodstuffs, and freshly harvested vegetables and fruits. Savor the distinctive flavors only found in Hida cuisine, whether it's Hida beef, locally brewed sake, or Takayama ramen, and visit the Okuhida Hot Springs Village, sprawled at the foot of the Japanese Alps and home to the most number of outdoor hot spring baths in Japan. Lastly, enjoy Hida Takayama's gorgeous natural scenery, from the Norikura Skyline to Mt. Norikura's Goshikigahara Forest. To learn more about this wonderful city which has something to offer for everyone, stop by our booth at Tourism EXPO Japan!
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