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Guided Tours of the City by Koto City Culture and Sightseeing Guides for Travel Agencies

The inland area of Koto city, Fukagawa and Joto Areas, has an atmosphere of "tradition" passed down for generations since the Edo era, when the full-scale development of the area started. On the other hand, the coastal area in the south part of Koto City, gives a glimpse of the arrival of a new era and "future" of the city through the appearances of high-rise buildings of business, entertainment, cultural and art facilities. Furthermore, despite located in the heart of the Metropolis, Koto City is blessed with a rich waterfront and greenery, for which Koto City is called "Colorful City of Water". People can enjoy the healing spaces spread over the entire city.

Walking guided tours of these three areas (Fukagawa, Joto and the coastal area) conducted by Koto City Culture and Sightseeing Guides are available. It can be combined with tours by travel agents as well as with school trips. Please check the application requirements from the URL below and apply by e-mail or fax with the application form.

(Notice:Japanese speaking guides only)
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