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Reflex zone therapy (so-called foot massage) is a treatment method devised by German medical doctors in the early 20th century from folk remedies around the world. Accumulation of blood stains (cholesterol, etc.) causes all kinds of troubles in the body, and when troubles occur, the reflex areas (acupuncture points) become stiff. Therefore, we recommend this "B'Flow" to prevent any physical problems. Two acupressure balls (acupressure point effect on the sole of the foot) and a high-speed wave vibration disc softly knead and loosen the acupuncture points that are stiff, and at the same time, use 5 minutes to promote blood circulation from below the knee to the whole body, which is comparable to a 5km hard walk. Let it penetrate. As a first step toward preventive medicine in the future, please try the exhilaration of "B'Flow" at this booth.
Booth NoL-008
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