Tourism EXPO Japan 2022

Nanae Onuma International Tourism and Convention Association

Nanae Town is located in an excellent location, approximately 16 km north of Hakodate City, 3 to 40 minutes by car from Hakodate Airport and Hakodate Station, and 15 to 30 minutes from Shin-Hokuto Shinkansen Station.
Onuma Quasi-National Park has been known for a long time as a scenic spot and was selected as one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. The beautiful natural environment of Onuma Lake and Mt. Komagatake in spring, summer, autumn and winter soothes the hearts of visitors.
Standing in the rich nature, you can enjoy camping, lakeside cycling, walking, etc., as well as learning facilities as an educational material, and rich in food resources as the birthplace of Western agriculture, making it a "delicious" town in all seasons.
The purpose of our exhibit at Tourism EXPO Japan is to ask all visitors what they can do here. What kind of excitement is waiting for you? This is to tell you directly.
What we would like to convey is that there are ingredients that can be used in all "channels" such as FIT, group travel, inbound travel, and educational travel, and we would like to talk about the ingredients that are full of charm and how to cook them.
We will not only announce the appeal, but also suggest what kind of development is possible.
In addition, from the perspective of "adventure tourism," we will broadcast attractive materials.
Whether you know it or have been there,
Come see our new Onuma map, that we drew and designed.
This map shows the future of Onuma and the future of Dounan tourism.

In a corona environment, there are concerns about how to overcome with corona and after corona.
We, Nanae Onuma International Tourism Convention Association, are going forward with basic positive thinking.

There is always light behind the clouds.

We look forward to seeing you at our association booth.
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