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Ocha no Kyoto DMO(Kyoto Infused with Tea)

"A relaxing and quality journey surrounded by nature, a historical walk with visits to famous shops, all brought together through Uji tea".
Kyoto Tea Country (Ocha no Kyoto area) stretches across Kyoto City in the North, Nara Prefecture in the South, Osaka Prefecture in the West and Shiga and Mie Prefectures in the East. It is lined with many aristocratic villas, shrines, and temples, and has flourished as an area of exchange where people, goods, and culture come and go. There are shrines and temples that house national treasures and culturally important assets dotted around the area. Examples of these are Byodoin temple and Ujigami shrine, both designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Unlike your regular experience in Kyoto or Nara, this area still has many areas that are largely untouched by tourism so you will be able to enjoy the history and culture as in their purest forms. The area is beautiful owing to its tea production, which are recognized as a Japanese Heritage site, as well as for the abundance of nature that still remains everywhere alongside the modern restaurants and cafes that line the streets. Enjoy this quality journey, very specific to the area, all brought together by Uji tea. Kyoto Tea Country is where you can feel the breathing of nature, and enjoy a historical walk while visiting famous shops.
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