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Awajishima Island (Pasona Group Inc.)

Awajishima Island in Hyogo
Awajishima Island in Hyogo Prefecture is the 11th biggest island in Japan, and about 592km2 in area, as large as Guam. The island is connected to Shikoku and Honshu through two bridges, the Naruto Bridge and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge which is the world's longest suspension bridge.
It is an island rich in nature, crystal blue skies, green mountains, wonderful sunsets, and stray skies.
Moreover, long ago, Awaji is called the country of food, and was believed to be the treasure trove of fresh ingredients. it used to serve food such as products from the sea to the Imperial Palace.

Pasona Group
Pasona Group is driving the regional revitalization business on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture. We have developed industries related to culture, arts, health, food, education, etc. to attract many visitors from inside and outside Japan.
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