Tourism EXPO Japan 2022

Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

While bringing together all the beautiful aspects of Jiangsu, it focuses on the essential contents of cultural tourism in Jiangsu. The world-class travel routes in Jiangsu are introduced under the themes such as delicacies, history, and intangible cultural heritage, etc., which are closely related to this waterborne region. The profound cultural connotation, unique ecological environment, and gorgeous natural and cultural landscapes are unveiled from multiple perspectives, covering mountains, rivers, history, stories, fun, and life. It provides infinite room of imagination for the audience about the picturesque landscapes of Jiangsu and the inspirational and characteristic cultural creations. Visitors are sincerely invited to come to Jiangsu and appreciate its fascinating scenery, profound culture, delicious food, intriguing folklore, and charming discoveries.
Charm of Jiangsu,More beautiful with you
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