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Flight time from Amami Airport is 6 minutes! It is a small island where you can take a day tour.
There is also a direct flight from Kagoshima Airport, and the island hopping tour set with Amami Oshima is becoming popular.
Coral reef terraces that can only be seen in three places in the world.
A spot where the legends of Shunkan, Heike and Genji, who were the setting for the story of Onikaigashima, which is also in Kabuki performances, remain.
Brown sugar and brown sugar shochu that take advantage of the island's climate and climate, white sesame seeds, which are the most produced in Japan, abundant agricultural products and additive-free souvenirs.
In addition, it is a treasure trove of unknown history in Japan, such as historic sites related to the kamikaze corps and ranches for native horses.
Due to accommodation and transportation, it is basically not possible to accept tours with more than 20 people, but you can enjoy the luxury of being able to monopolize any scenery.