Nippon Road Destinations   Booth No : E-96  

Main Business
Make a new way of car travel while thinking of the environment.
Revitalize community and entire Japan.

Have you recently travelled by car?
If you look at a way of transportation for sightseeing, approximately 60% of travelers are likely to use cars, including private and rental cars.
However, there is only little information and service available for these travellers.
To make car travel more enjoyable, some companies or organizations related to travel have became partner and established "Nippon Road Destinations (Cartabi organization)".
There is a growing trend that Japanese government place a special emphasize on tourism based on "Tourism Nation Promotion Basic Law".
We promote a new way of car travel while thinking of the environment and make your own way to enjoy car travel.
In order for this, it would be necessary to provide a wider range of information and service.
We, Cartabi organization, propose new information, place, and services, and continue to create a new way of car travel in corporation with partners.
Wish for revitalizing communities and entire Japan.